Dynamic Stretches For Runners

Posted on April 19, 2016 By

Most beginners in running love to perform static stretches, such as 30-second toe touches, before their running sessions. Well, this is one of the worst possible warm ups for a run because static stretches can reduce maximum force production capacity. This means that you will lose some agility capabilities after static stretches and running is, of course, a form of agility exercise.

What you need to know that doing static stretching before a run is okay as long as you follow it up with dynamic stretching exercises, such as lunges.

Here we have compiled a number of dynamic stretch exercises that you can use before your run. These exercises below target your muscle groups that are used regularly during your runs. Focus on doing these exercises using proper form to avoid any potential injury.

If you are a beginner, start slowly and increase your intensity as you get a bit more warmed up. These exercises will only take around 5 minutes to complete, so there is no excuse not to do it before you begin your run:

Russian walks

To do this exercise, you need to walk in a straight line and bring your knee up high on every step. This exercise will really loosen up the hip joint that plays a crucial role in your run.

Walking bum kicks

Walk forward using an extended back swing so that your heel makes contact with your glutes with every step.

Lateral lunges

Step outwards with one foot and bring your buttocks down towards the floor and then bring your other foot across using a lunging motion. Make sure to do both sides.

Standing side on, step outwards with one foot and bring your bum down towards the floor and bring the second foot across to meet the first one in a lunging movement. Make sure to do both sides.

Single leg deadlift walk

Bend your standing knee slightly and bring your head down towards the floor. At the same time, bring your back leg up towards the ceiling. You need to work this exercise on both sides.

Stiff leg swing

You need to stretch your hands outwards and then swing your leg up to touch the opposite hand and then repeat for the other side. The more repetitions and the more straight your leg while swinging, the better.

Arm circles

You need to outstretch your arms and make big circles using them. Start slowly and then increase your intensity.

Back lunges and high knees

You start this exercise in a standing position and then you drop one knee backwards to the floor and then raise that same knee up high in front of you. Repeat the same motion with your other knee.

Wide stance star jumps

You need to jump while moving both of your feet outwards and dropping your buttocks down and then spring back up to bring your feet together.