3 Reasons to Choose Short Curly Weaves

Posted on August 30, 2016 By

Busy modern women often juggle family and work. Since that leaves little time for beauty routines, many cut their long hair to save time and effort. However, even shorter natural hair needs styling, so short curly weaves have become popular alternatives. The hairpieces flatter many faces, last a long time and allow wearers to change styles easily. They also protect natural hair.

Weaves Make Changing Styles Simple

Cutting natural hair generally means wearing the same style day in and day out. No matter how convenient that is, most women want to change their looks once in a while. Short weaves allow them to do that. It is easy to buy the hairpieces online, from quality suppliers. They are available in a wide range of colors and hair types. Customers can find everything from synthetic hair to silky, natural looking virgin hair. The better the quality, the nicer the effect. Many customers buy several colors and styles. Hair weaves should be added by stylists, who also sell beautiful hairpieces.

Curly Hair Looks Better on Many Women

Short weaves also flatter most women. Clients can find shorter styles in a variety of lengths that range from pixie cuts to chin length. The weaves are very popular among women with oblong faces because curls add flattering width. Curly styles soften square faces and minimize narrow chins. Of course, they also bring out the best in oval faces, which generally look good in most styles.

Hair Weaves Are Problem Solvers

Women with scalp problems and thin hair often choose short, curly hairpieces. Many cancer patients whose own hair is still growing out also opt for the weaves. Stylists help clients choose colors and lengths that suit them. Professionals may sew, bond, use net weave sew-ins or attach hair using fusion techniques. Weaves need to be maintained by professionals in order to stay fresh. Stylists can also spot and correct problems and teach customers how to care for their weaves.

Curly short weaves are popular among busy women who want low maintenance hair and flattering styles. Weaves allow wearers to change styles often and protect their own hair. Stylists often suggest short weaves for those who are growing their hair out.

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